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Hokuto No Ken - Fist Of The North Star 001-036 (DVD 640x476 X264 AC3)

Hokuto No Ken - Fist Of The North Star 001-036 (DVD 640x476 X264 AC3)

Hokuto No Ken - Fist Of The North Star is a classic anime series based on the manga of the same name by Buronson and Tetsuo Hara. It tells the story of Kenshiro, a martial artist who uses the deadly Hokuto Shinken technique to fight against the evil forces that plague a post-apocalyptic world. The series is known for its intense action, brutal violence, and emotional drama.

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The first 36 episodes of the anime series were released on DVD by Toei Animation in Japan in 2003. The DVD version features a resolution of 640x476 pixels and an audio codec of AC3. The DVD version also includes some bonus features, such as interviews with the cast and staff, trailers, and image galleries.

The first 36 episodes cover the first arc of the manga, which introduces the main characters and the setting of the story. The episodes follow Kenshiro's journey as he searches for his fiancée Yuria, who was kidnapped by his former friend Shin, the leader of the Nanto Seiken school of martial arts. Along the way, he meets various allies and enemies, such as Bat and Lin, two orphaned children who join him; Rei, a Nanto Suichoken master who seeks revenge for his sister's death; Jagi, Kenshiro's treacherous adoptive brother; and Raoh, Kenshiro's eldest adoptive brother and the strongest Hokuto Shinken practitioner.

The first 36 episodes are considered to be some of the best in the series, as they showcase the originality and creativity of the manga. The episodes feature many memorable scenes and characters, such as Kenshiro's iconic catchphrase "You are already dead", Shin's tragic love for Yuria, Rei's noble sacrifice, Jagi's twisted schemes, and Raoh's epic battles. The episodes also explore the themes of friendship, loyalty, justice, and destiny that are central to the story.

Hokuto No Ken - Fist Of The North Star is a masterpiece of anime history that has influenced many other works in the genre. It is a must-watch for any fan of action, adventure, and drama. You can find more information about the series on [Wikipedia], [MyAnimeList], [TV Tropes], and [Hokuto Renkitōza].


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