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Mahima Khandobacha: A Devotional Film on Khandoba

Mahima Khandobacha is a Marathi devotional drama film released in 2008. It is directed by Manohar Sarvankar and stars Vijay Gokhale, Swaroop Kumar, Milind Gawali and Vijay Chavan in the lead roles. The film is based on the life and miracles of Khandoba, a Hindu deity worshipped as a manifestation of Shiva.

Mahima Khandobacha Marathi Movie 16

The film depicts the stories of Khandoba's devotees, such as his wives Mhalsa and Banai, his son Jyotiba, his priest Mhalsoba, and his bhaktas Pundalik and Sakhu. The film also shows how Khandoba fought against the demons Mani and Malla, and how he blessed his devotees with his grace and power.

Mahima Khandobacha is a film that celebrates the faith and devotion of the people towards Khandoba. It showcases the rich culture and traditions of Maharashtra, especially the Malhari region where Khandoba is widely revered. The film also features songs and dances that praise Khandoba and his glory.

Mahima Khandobacha is a film that will appeal to the fans of Marathi cinema and devotional films. It is a film that showcases the mahima (greatness) of Khandoba and his khandobacha (beloved ones).

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The film Mahima Khandobacha was produced by Rajesh Nanaware and Madhu Kambikar under the banner of Shree Siddhivinayak Films. The music was composed by Prabhakar Narwade and the lyrics were written by Jagdish Khebudkar. The singers who lent their voices to the songs were Anuradha Paudwal, Suresh Wadkar, Ravindra Sathe and Vaishali Samant.

The film Mahima Khandobacha received positive reviews from the critics and the audience. It was praised for its authentic portrayal of the folklore and legends of Khandoba. It was also appreciated for its cinematography, art direction, costumes and performances. The film was a commercial success and ran for more than 100 days in many theatres across Maharashtra.

The film Mahima Khandobacha is a tribute to the faith and devotion of the Marathi people towards Khandoba. It is a film that inspires the viewers to follow the path of righteousness and service. It is a film that showcases the power and grace of Khandoba and his khandobacha.

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The film Mahima Khandobacha is based on the historical and mythological sources of Khandoba. Khandoba is a regional deity of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. He is also known as Malhari, Martand Bhairava, Khanderao, Khanderaya and Jejuri. He is considered to be a form of Shiva who incarnated to kill the demons Mani and Malla.

The film Mahima Khandobacha depicts the various aspects of Khandoba's personality and attributes. He is shown as a warrior, a lover, a father, a protector and a healer. He is also shown as a compassionate and benevolent deity who fulfills the wishes of his devotees. He is worshipped by people of different castes, communities and religions.

The film Mahima Khandobacha also highlights the importance of Jejuri, the main temple of Khandoba. Jejuri is located in Pune district of Maharashtra and is one of the most popular pilgrimage sites in the state. It is believed that Khandoba married Mhalsa and Banai at Jejuri and blessed them with his divine presence. The temple is famous for its golden spire, its stone carvings and its annual festival of Bhandara. c481cea774


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