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Buy Cookie Monster Cake


This cake is so much fun because it includes chocolate chips inside, and it also includes chocolate chip cookies outside. [Monster voice] COOOOKIEEES. I made a batch of mini chocolate chip cookies using my recipe for mini M&M cookies, just subbing mini chocolate chips for the mini M&Ms. These are perfect for adding around the Cookie Monster cake, and also perfect for little cookie monsters to eat!

Shaping Tip: Only add enough frosting to the cake crumbs to yield a semi-moist mixture that you can shape into his eyes. Form into 2 disc-like circles, about 2 inches in diameter, flattened slightly. Freeze or refrigerate until solid, about 30 minutes.

This is the perfect cake to try your hand at cake decorating. It is very beginner friendly, and results in the most adorable and goofy monster face. Any child would be thrilled to have this cake for their birthday! Cake and cookies all in one, yes please! Serve these adorable little Cookie Monster Cupcakes Sesame Street alongside this cake for a full blown birthday extravaganza.

Growing up Cookie Monster was my favorite character. I had my Cookie Monster stuffed animal on my bed through Jr. High School. When Nancy and I were working on the cakes for our Sesame Street Birthdy Party I knew we had to devote some extra time to Cookie Monster. I loved the way he turned out. In fact, I loved it so much I insisted we make cupcakes to match.

Step 1: The key to these delicious cupcakes is our Best Buttercream Frosting recipe. It is light and creamy and buttery and super delicious! You will find the recipe and directions here. One batch of frosting should be enough to frost the cake. Step 3: Tint the frosting Cookie Monster Blue, we used 5 drops Blue Wilton Color Right Food Coloring to get this bright shade of blue.

My cookie monster cake is delicious and bursting with tons of cookie flavor. It looks adorable, too, and is perfect for Sesame Street birthday parties. It would even make a great smash cake for a first birthday party. My cookie monster cupcakes and ice cream are also great for parties. If you have a cookie fan in your house, you need to save this recipe!

My baby loves silverware and dipping his spoon into things, so I gave him that and he was all about it. I also had made a jar of chocolate chip cookies for the photoshoot and after everything was cleaned up, I gave him the jar of cookies to play with and that was also a huge hit. All in all I got some great photos, but a cake that was hardly touched. It was still so worth it!

You can make any flavor you want! I chose to make a four layer 6-inch cake, which is a double batch of my mini chocolate cake. The mini cake is two 6-inch layers and also works great as a smash cake, I just wanted a tall cake.

Start piping: Starting along the bottom edge and working in a circle around the cake, press the piping tip up against the edge of the cake and gently pull it away as you apply pressure to the bag. The longer you pull away, the longer the hair will be. Start the next layer just slightly above and pull the frosting downward so it sits overtop of the bottom layer. Repeat until the side of the cake are frosted.

Once you have the cake crumb coated, use a serrated knife to cut the mouth. First make the top cut. Angled it like a half moon and cut at about a 45-degree angle. Then on the bottom, cut upwards at a 45-degree angle, meeting the edges of the upper part of the mouth. Remove the piece of cake.

As an alternative, you could cut fondant pieces instead, especially if you already had black fondant for the eyes. Place a thin layer of frosting underneath the fondant. Place the fondant on prior to frosting the cake so you can cover the edges with the frosting.

Hi! I'm Julianne. I'm crazy obsessed with desserts and snowboarding. My favorite desserts are cheesecakes, cupcakes and a good soft sugar cookie. Oh, and mint chip ice cream! I hope you enjoy my easy dessert recipes!

** PLEASE NOTE: Ice cream cakes will be prepared and ready for pick u


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