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Arthur Hughes Testing For Language Teachers Pdf Download

two years had lapsed since the introduction of clt into mainstream practice (roberts, 2000, in wall, 2001). this implies that the most recent language assessment reforms are in their third year (wall, 1996). it seems that participants may not have had sufficient time to consult any educational literature (wall, 1996) and be conversant with the particulars of language assessment theory (fullan 2007). so, it was not surprising that they were unable to articulate a coherent definition of clt during the interview. this is not to say that teaching english teachers do not have the requisite linguistic and pedagogical competencies to implement lar and that there is need to test their pedagogical competencies. certainly, this is not only true, but in fact imperative given the imminent change in assessment reform.

Arthur Hughes Testing For Language Teachers Pdf Download

given that this interview was conducted almost 10 years after the reform was introduced into mainstream practice, it is also not surprising that participants had little recall of all the different assessment changes that took place over the two decades. in fact, most of the newer assessment reforms ended up becoming parts of the new clt (roberts, 2000 in wall, 2001). to the teachers, the changes that took place were a part of the reform and time-wise, did not seem to have constituted a full two years. of course, with any educational reform, the opponents often ask the following questions: how will this change others? how will this change me? how will the new assessment practices affect my practice? how will this change what i teach? how will this change the students? (alderson and wall, 1993). the new assessment reform forms part of the reform package in that it is supposed to go hand-in-hand with the new curriculum.


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