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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Full Game Download - Everything You Need to Know

How to Download Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Full Game for Free

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is a first-person shooter video game that was released in 2007 by Splash Damage and Activision. It is a spinoff of the Quake series and a successor to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. The game features two asymmetric teams, the human Global Defense Force (GDF) and the alien Strogg, who battle for control of various objectives in large maps.

enemy territory quake wars download full game

Download File:

If you are a fan of fast-paced, team-oriented, objective-based gameplay, you might want to try Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. The good news is that you can download the full game for free and play online with other players in 2022. Here's how:

Step 1: Download the Game Installer

The first step is to download the game installer from a reliable source. You can use this link to download the Windows version of the game. The file size is about 5 GB, so make sure you have enough space on your hard drive and a stable internet connection.

Step 2: Install the Game

Once you have downloaded the game installer, run it and follow the instructions on the screen. You will need to agree to the terms and conditions, choose a destination folder, and select the components you want to install. You can also choose to create a desktop shortcut for easy access.

Step 3: Update the Game

After installing the game, you will need to update it to the latest version. This will fix some bugs and improve the performance and compatibility of the game. You can use this link to download the latest patch for Windows. The file size is about 500 MB.

Run the patch and let it update your game files. You may need to restart your computer after the patch is applied.

Step 4: Join a Server

Now you are ready to play Enemy Territory: Quake Wars online. Launch the game from your desktop shortcut or start menu and choose Multiplayer from the main menu. You will see a list of servers that are available to join. You can filter them by game mode, map, ping, players, etc.

Pick a server that suits your preferences and click Join. You will then be asked to choose a side (GDF or Strogg) and a class (Soldier, Medic, Engineer, Field Ops, or Covert Ops). Each class has different weapons, abilities, and objectives to complete. You can also customize your appearance and loadout before joining the game.

Once you are in the game, follow the objectives on your HUD and work together with your teammates to win. You can communicate with them using voice chat or text chat. You can also earn experience points (XP) by completing objectives, killing enemies, supporting allies, etc. XP will unlock new weapons, equipment, and skills for your class.

Step 5: Enjoy the Gameplay

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is a game that offers a lot of variety and challenge for both casual and hardcore players. You can choose from five different character classes, each with their own weapons, abilities, and objectives. You can also drive or fly various vehicles and aircraft, such as tanks, jeeps, helicopters, and jets. You can also deploy turrets, mines, shields, radars, and other devices to help your team or hinder the enemy.

The game features two game modes: Objective and Stopwatch. In Objective mode, the teams have to complete a series of objectives in a certain order within a time limit. The objectives vary depending on the map and the team, such as hacking a terminal, escorting a vehicle, destroying a generator, or capturing a flag. In Stopwatch mode, the teams play the same objectives twice, once as attackers and once as defenders. The team that completes the objectives faster wins the match.

The game has 12 official maps, each with a unique setting and theme. Some of the maps are based on real-world locations, such as London, Tokyo, or Antarctica. The maps are also dynamic and change depending on the progress of the objectives. For example, bridges can be destroyed or repaired, buildings can be demolished or reinforced, and weather effects can alter the visibility and terrain.

Step 6: Customize Your Game

If you want to spice up your game experience, you can also customize your game settings and options. You can change the graphics quality, sound volume, mouse sensitivity, key bindings, and other preferences. You can also enable or disable various gameplay features, such as friendly fire, voice chat, crosshair, HUD elements, etc.

You can also create your own server and host your own games. You can choose the map rotation, game mode, team balance, bot difficulty, server password, and other options. You can also use console commands to tweak your game further or enable cheats.

If you want to play with custom maps or mods, you can also download them from various websites or forums. You can find many fan-made maps and mods that add new content or change the gameplay of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Some of the popular mods include ETQW Pro Mod, which improves the balance and performance of the game; ETQW Tactical Assault Mod, which adds new weapons and realism features; and ETQW Zombie Mod, which turns the game into a zombie survival horror.

Step 7: Read Some Reviews

If you are still not convinced that Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is worth downloading and playing, you might want to read some reviews from critics and players who have tried the game. The game received mostly positive reviews upon release, with praise for its objective-based gameplay, class system, vehicle combat, and graphics. However, some critics also noted some flaws, such as the lack of a single-player campaign, the steep learning curve, the dated engine, and the poor console ports.

Here are some excerpts from some reviews:

  • "Quake Wars' strong shooting model and focused objectives make it a lot of fun to play." - GameSpot

  • "Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is a game that offers a lot of variety and challenge for both casual and hardcore players." - Trusted Reviews

  • "You may think that a multiplayer only game doesn't even need a story at all, but it works quite well here, providing a common theme for the maps and purpose to the conflict." - AusGamers

  • "Although the objective-based action is still feverish in this console port of Quake Wars, the lack of any upgrades makes this multiplayer-only shooter feel slim and dated." - GameSpot

Step 8: Download Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Full Game Now

Now that you have learned how to download Enemy Territory: Quake Wars full game for free and what to expect from the gameplay, you are ready to join the battle between the GDF and the Strogg. Whether you prefer to play as a human or an alien, as a soldier or an engineer, as a driver or a pilot, you will find something to enjoy in this fast-paced, team-oriented, objective-based shooter.

So what are you waiting for? Download Enemy Territory: Quake Wars full game now and start playing online with other players in 2022. You won't regret it. b99f773239


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