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[S2E1] Shoulda Tapped

Kate calls her husband, Mark Fleming, as she is leaving work to tell him she's going to be home late as she has to work late and asks if he can get their son Josh Fleming's stuff ready for school the next day. She drives to see Richard. He lets her into his flat and he starts rubbing her shoulders. They get close and end up in bed, as there appear to have done many times before. In the middle of the night, Richard gets up and goes to sit in his lounge crying, with a whisky, looking over all the condolence cards he's received. Kate joins him in the lounge and apologises for coming around that night, he says it doesn't matter in the grand scheme. He shows Kate a photo of her and Akers together at Ryton and comments that they always used to end up side by side. She asks if Richard thinks Jayne ever knew about their affair, Richard says that when it mattered she trusted us both with her life. Richard admits that the night of the ambush Jayne had called Richard to call Kate. Kate asks for details, Richard only knows that Jayne had wanted Kate to call her about the case she was working on. Kate doesn't understand why Jayne wouldn't call her direct, was she worried her phone was tapped? Richard then says if Kate had answered his calls she could have asked Jayne herself.

[S2E1] Shoulda Tapped

At this time, neither reps for the History Channel nor Tim or his family have shared details about his health condition. While it's unfortunate that Tim tapped out first, it's important that he is prioritizing his well being.

The inmates are busy beating Jared up like a pinata when Jailbot bursts in, kills a few of the inmates, and frees him. Jared sobs that the robot should've just let him be killed, as he'll always be a loser. But Jailbot retrieves Jacknife's winning lottery ticket and hands it to Jared. He cheers back up, although he's then tapped on the shoulder by Nicky. Nicky hands him a a bet card reading "Warden dressed up as Jailbot and enters the Outer Worlds where Real Jailbot beats him and saves him by shocking Jacknife". He grabs the ticket and walks off, leaving Jared in despair once again.

In Washington, D.C., at a place called the Longstreet Motel, a tape recorder is playing the banal, wiretapped conversation of two men. Mulder apathetically listens, chewing on sunflower seeds. He's been there a while, judging by the pile of shells by his feet. 041b061a72


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