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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on 18 Wheels of Steel American Long Haul Authorization Code

A single delivery or pickup permit permits a driver to travel no more than 10 hours, as long as the maximum tandem axle or tridem axle combined GVW of any combination of one or more trucks or the maximum tandem axle or tridem axle combined GVW of any combination of one or more tractor-semis, buses, vans, or trailers or combination of such vehicles does not exceed 14,000 lbs. on any axle (Va. Code 46.2-1143).

18 wheels of steel american long haul authorization code


Heavy Truck Overweight Authorization: The Commissioner of the Department of Transportation may issue special, continuing, or continuous permits authorizing the operation of combination vehicles that exceed the tandem axle and tridem axle combined GVW limits up to 25 percent over the tandem and tridem axle combined GVW limits to haul no more than 65,000 lbs. per combination and normally operate only on the Interstate System. A special or continuous permit may also be issued to haul heavier loads. This limit does not apply to trucks hauling dry beans that must be transported more than 120 miles from the field where harvested to reach an available marketing or storage destination. Also, a permit may be issued to operate over State permitted weight limits if the state agency is experiencing a state-wide weight problem. Overweight permits may be issued for periods of up to 1 year for any number of trucks per combination that does not exceed 12 (Va. Code 46.2-1148).

Explosive shipments: Special permits will be required for the transportation of explosives, except those shipments that are in a safe manner. It is not permissible to exceed the GVW limit of the oversize vehicle if the combination of loads exceeds the maximum GVW. For trucks hauling explosive loads, a permit must be obtained in addition to the Regular Overweight Permit, or an oversize permit must be issued by the Department of Transportation (Va. Code 46.2-1132).


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