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Copy Data Automatically From USB To Your PC On Insert

an sd card that has been previously used for music files, video files, or apps that use the sd card will most likely fail to work after removal. if you want to back up files from another sd card, put that card in the sd card slot before plugging in your usb drive. or, you can attach the card to your computer and back up its contents to a folder on your computer. to transfer files from the sd card to your pc, first make sure your computer is connected to the internet. in the start menu, click settings, then click on internet options. click on the connections tab, and then on the lan (local area network) settings. select custom level, and then in the ip address, subnet mask, and dns (domain name service) boxes, type in the ip address of the network you are connected to. if you are not sure what the ip address of your network is, you can find it with your router. (if you dont have a router, connect to your modem. find the ip address there.) in the lan settings, click the details button to expand the ip address settings. in the ip address box, type in the ip address you just found. save the settings, and then restart your pc.

Copy Data automatically From USB to your PC On Insert

connect your smartphone to your computer, and then plug in your usb drive. windows will automatically detect the usb device and ask you if you want to open the drive. click open or go to folder. if you arent sure, select browse files. in the window that opens, navigate to where you want to copy the files from the usb drive. click ok to open the files.

  • here are some tips and tricks for using usb flash drives: if your usb flash drive does not appear on your desktop, double-click on its icon in the my computer window.

  • if you have problems viewing your files, connect the usb flash drive to a different computer and use it as a data transfer device.

  • when you plug the usb flash drive into a computer, you can choose which drives windows should use. when your computer is running, you can use the drop-down menu on the usb port to choose which drive to use.

  • if your usb flash drive has an icon, you can open it by double-clicking on its icon.

  • when you plug your usb flash drive into a computer, windows automatically opens explorer. however, you can use file explorer to open the usb drive.

  • you can add the usb flash drive to your windows profile by using the computer management console.


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