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Hello Neighbor Alpha 1 Pc Game

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Hello Neighbor Alpha 1 Pc Game

the neighbor can be scared out of the house by using the d-pad and the b button to start the lightening storm. when the storm is on, the neighbor will appear onscreen and get scared. you can also light him on fire with the lightening storm by holding down on the b button and pressing the d-pad to the right and left. you can also walk in front of the lightening storm to scare the neighbor. he will get bigger as he gets closer to you. the lightening storm and the fire are both the only ways to harm the neighbor. when the neighbor is beaten up enough, he will die.

then, you will be given a choice of multiple available paths, each with its own objectives and solutions. once youve chosen one, you need to be very careful and pay attention to what youre doing. because, in this game, you cant die.

when you complete the objectives, you will be told that youve finished. this is the only screen you will see in the game, unless youre near a puzzle. if you are near a puzzle, you will get a message telling you that you have not completed the puzzle.

the puzzles in the game are all of the "shitbox" type, where you have to approach a box and move an object from one side to the other. the objects in the game are small in size, so the fact that the game is set in a basement, makes it easier to understand.

this is a game that isnt really for everyone. in my opinion, its a little too creepy and i think people would find it hard to play. its not a game that i would recommend to someone looking for something like that. however, if youre looking for an interesting game that has atmosphere, this is a great choice. 3d9ccd7d82


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