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Slave Tattoos [TOP]

Slave to the Needle is known as the industry leader for tattoos & piercing, flash, and fine art, in Seattle, and worldwide. If you are in the neighborhood of Slave to the Needle Tattoo, please stop by our studio and say hello.

Slave tattoos

The story is usually cited as an early historical example of steganography. But a message in someone's memory is less obvious than a message on one's skull. A message in someone's memory doesn't seem more resistant to torture (a strong-willed slave might not disclose the message, while a strong-willed torturer would almost certainly discover the tattoo). It also doesn't seem likely that the message could be kept secret from the messenger (since the messenger could just ask a friend to read it off his skull).

Indeed, Histiaeus's slave could hardly have made himself the tattoo, and certainly not without Histiaeus noticing. Since hair growing is slow (and cannot be accelerated, at least not in Ancient Greek times, where hair grafting was not known), the presence of the message as a tattoo shows at least a purposeful dedication in time to the process. In modern terminology, it is a "proof of work". A contrario, a purely verbal message could be made up on the spot by the slave himself. Aristagoras could believe such an oral transmission to be merely the invention of a disgruntled slave.

Altering a tattoo would be significant work, which the messenger would have a hard time doing to himself, while him/her requesting someone else to do so would have raised attention and probably put the slave at risk. Furthermore, an alteration to a tattoo would be visible as an alteration for at least several days, since the altered parts would be in a different stage of skin healing - and that is for tattoos done in a sanitary, modern environment with modern inks. Also, if the ink or method used for altering it was different, that could be obvious for a long time. Also, even with hair, a head tattoo could be exposed to plenty of sunlight in southern europe, even with hair growing over it - giving fading effects that would be very hard to falsify evenly.

By Emma Batha LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - After escaping years of sexual slavery, Jennifer Kempton could not look in the mirror without being taken back to her dark, traumatic past. On her neck was tattooed the name of one of her traffickers along with his gang's crown insignia. Above her groin were the words "Property of Salem" - the name of the former boyfriend who forced her into prostitution nine years ago. "Slaves have been branded for centuries and it's just evolved into being tattooed. It's happening all over the world," said Kempton who suffered horrific brutality during six years working on the streets of Columbus, Ohio. Today the tattoo on her neck has been transformed into a large flower "blooming out of the darkness". Three other brandings have been masked with decorative, symbolic motifs. Two years ago Kempton, now 34, set up a charity called Survivor's Ink to help others who have escaped enslavement get their brandings covered up or removed. "It was very empowering for me so I wanted to pay forward that liberation to other girls in my area who had been branded like cattle, just like I was," Kempton told the Thomson Reuters Foundation. Most requests for help come from women in the United States, but the grassroots project increasingly receives applications from other countries including Canada, Britain, Australia and Croatia. Some of the stories are very disturbing. Kempton said they recently helped a woman in Britain whose mother had carved the word 'whore' into her leg when she was a child and sold her. Every time the word faded it was recarved. Globally some 4.5 million people are trapped in sexual exploitation, according to the International Labor Organization, generating an estimated $99 billion in illegal profits a year. SOLD AND RESOLD Kempton says there is a major misconception that women trafficked into prostitution are brought in from poor countries. In the United States an estimated 80 percent of women trafficked into prostitution are U.S.-born citizens, Kempton said, ahead of the Trust Women conference in London this week which will focus on human trafficking and slavery. Kempton wants tougher penalties for traffickers and improved training for police to better identify and help victims. She is also an advocate of an approach adopted by Canada and some European countries which criminalizes men who buy sex rather than the women trafficked into prostitution. Describing her downward spiral, Kempton refers to a dysfunctional background in which she was raped at the age of 12. In her 20s, after a series of abusive relationships, she thought she had finally met her "Prince Charming". But he soon got her addicted to heroin, put her on the streets and plied her with crack cocaine so she could work longer hours. At one point she was kidnapped by armed men who locked her in a hotel room to have sex with a stream of men. After escaping to her "boyfriend" she discovered she was pregnant with his child, but when her body grew and her earnings shrank he sold her to a couple of drug dealers. After the birth she was sold again "to the most violent gang in Columbus". The turning point came in April 2013 after a brutal rape. During a prolonged attack she was beaten beyond recognition and raped with a knife. As she fled the house bleeding she begged two men for help but they laughed and locked their door. "The sound of the door locking just echoed in my mind. I was locked out of society, I was not seen as worthy of help," said Kempton. Afterwards she tried to hang herself, but the rope snapped. In her despair, she heard a voice telling her she had a purpose in life "and it wasn't to die in the basement of a crackhouse". Survivor's Ink has so far provided grants to help around 100 women cover up their slavery brandings. "It's always amazing to see the look on their face when they no longer have to look at this dehumanizing mark of ownership and violence," Kempton said. "Sometimes I'll get a call a few days later with someone just bawling their eyes out saying 'Oh my gosh, I can actually look at my body. It's my own again.'." (Editing by Belinda Goldsmith; Please credit the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the charitable arm of Thomson Reuters, which covers humanitarian news, women's rights, trafficking, corruption and climate change. Visit to see more stories.)

In conclusion, it should be mentioned that Histiaeus had the slave tattooed in Susa (ancient name of Shush city, Iran). It is then highly likely that the practice of tattooing slaves arrived to the Greeks from the Persians.

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Tattoo magic is an incredibly old form of magic, and is a form of art utilized by many different cultures across the multiverse. The designs and function of these tattoos varies wildly between peoples, races, species, countries, continents, and planes, from a lucky charm for sailors, to a mark for slaves.

This kit is a sturdy briefcase which can hold a variety of hammers, needles, medical supplies needed for sterilization, and differently colored inks, all of which are necessary in the creation of magical and mundane tattoos. The kit may also include a sketchbook filled with original designs, and has space for any magical templates the owner finds during their journeys.

Most examples of tattoo templates are exceedingly rare and either well-hidden or carefully guarded, as existing tattoos are either culturally significant or highly prized by their current owners. In rare cases, ancient tattoo templates may be found in such areas as ancient temple walls or found carved into totems. The most common way to learn a new template is to copy it from a tattooed person. Copying the design of a tattoo from another body requires the tattooist make an Intelligence check. The DC is determined by the condition of the body:

The size and intricacy of tattoos will determine the amount of resources needed to copy the tattoo. An artist will need to spend 2 hours and 50 gp to copy a design into their sketchbook. This amount increases by 2 hours and gp for each size and intricacy level, to a maximum of 10 hours and 250 gp for a Large Ornate tattoo. Once a tattoo is copied into a sketchbook, a template may then be created. Creating a template costs the same amount, in time and materials, as copying the design in the first place, and each template may be used only once.

You really enjoy the look and feeling of having tattoos. You may have more tattoos than your body would normally allow. You may either have 1 additional Large tattoo, 2 additional Medium tattoos, or 4 additional Small tattoos.

The properties of magical tattoos permeate deep within themuscles and sinew of the body, and are in most sensespermanent. Very few have ever been reported as having losttheir magical properties, even if the tattoo is no longer visibleon the skin. Incredibly deep burns or loss of limb removes themagically enchanted parts of the body, removing the effects of any tattoos on that body part, and possibly allowing for another tattoo to be acquired.Limbs regrown with regenerate do not grow back theirtattoos. Spells such as raise dead generally keep the tattoosintact, given that the limb is still present. Reincarnation willnot bring back the subject with their tattoos intact. Clonesmade with the clone spell do not have tattoos.

Both magical and non-magical tattoos should be recorded to check whether a character has room for a new tattoo. Unless specifically noted under the tattoo description, any additional applications of the same tattoo will not confer additional magical effects. 041b061a72


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