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Jungle Ki Sherni 2 Movie Download 720p

Jungle Ki Sherni 2 Movie Review

Jungle Ki Sherni 2 is a sequel to the 2001 B-grade movie Jungle Ki Sherni, starring Sapna Sappu, Joginder Shelly, Vinod Tripathi and Gurbachchan Singh. The movie is directed by Kanti Shah, who is known for making low-budget erotic thrillers with animal themes. The movie follows the adventures of Sapna, who plays a forest officer named Sherni, as she fights against poachers, corrupt politicians and a man-eating tigress in the jungle.

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The movie is a typical example of Kanti Shah's style of filmmaking, which involves cheap sets, poor acting, sleazy dialogues, excessive violence and nudity. The movie has no relation to the 2021 critically acclaimed movie Sherni, which stars Vidya Balan as a forest officer who tries to capture a tigress peacefully. In fact, Jungle Ki Sherni 2 is more of a remake of the 1988 movie Khoon Bhari Maang, which starred Rekha as a woman who takes revenge on her husband after he tries to kill her by throwing her to a crocodile.

The movie has received negative reviews from critics and audiences alike, who have criticized it for its poor quality, lack of originality and offensive content. The movie has also been accused of plagiarism, as it has copied scenes and dialogues from other movies such as Sholay, Mard and Anaconda. The movie has also been condemned for its depiction of animal cruelty, as it shows real footage of animals being killed or injured.

Jungle Ki Sherni 2 is not a movie for the faint-hearted or the sensible viewers. It is a movie that caters to the lowest common denominator of the audience, who enjoy watching mindless masala movies with no logic or morality. The movie is available for streaming on some illegal websites, but we do not recommend watching it or downloading it, as it is a waste of time and bandwidth.


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