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Hotels are invested in providing an exceptional sleep experience and hotel pillows are a key ingredient in that formula. So, what pillows do hotels use? Why are hotel pillows so comfortable? Can I buy one? What is the best hotel pillow? These questions (and many more) are often asked by folks who want to replicate that fabulous night of sleep they had in a luxurious hotel.

buy hotel pillows online

For those with allergies, the synthetic fill may be the preferred choice, but both are equally comfortable. So, if you are trying to figure out what pillows Marriott uses, then keep reading because we tell you and show you where to buy them.

Yes, consumers can, in fact, purchase JW Marriott Pillows. The JW Marriott, of course, is the more upscale and luxurious Marriott hotel named after its namesake. JW Marriott Pillows can only be purchased directly from the JW Marriott Store:

Famous hotel chain St Regis features a curated collection of various pillow shapes, sizes, and fillings. Travelers can purchase St Regis Pillows directly from the St Regis Boutique or purchase a few selections from their collection on

The pillows at Sheraton Hotels are renowned for comfort along with most bedding at this iconic hotel chain. Sheraton Hotel Pillows can be purchased by consumers who want to bring this unique sleep experience home with them. In fact, Sheraton Pillows can be purchased directly from the Sheraton Home Store or on Amazon:

Choice Hotels features well-known hotel brands like Comfort Inn, Cambria Inn, Quality Inn, Econolodge, Clarion, and more. Despite their notoriety for focusing on the affordable lodging segment their pillows are fairly well regarded.

Fairmont Pillows can be purchased directly from Fairmont or via Amazon. Fairmont Hotels is a popular Canadian hotel chain with around 75 properties worldwide. Their bedding and pillows are quite comfortable. Buy Fairmont hotel pillows here:

Las Vegas Casino Aria is a once-in-a-lifetime hotel experience. This casino delivers on its promises on all fronts including the sleep experience. Guests can actually purchase Aria Pillows directly from the hotel itself using this link.

The Premier Inn Pillows are a custom-made offer for Premier Inn hotels, however, guests can purchase a set of the microfibre pillows for their own homes directly from the Premier Inn Home Store here.

If you are the kind of shopper who always looks for the knock-off or the better deal here are a few hotel quality pillows or hotel-grade pillows that might do the trick. Finding a hotel-like pillow can be just as rewarding as buying an actual hotel pillow itself and it can save you some money! Here are a few ideas on where to locate hotel-type pillows.

Where do hotels get their pillows? Typically, hotels will purchase their pillows in bulk from name-brand pillow companies. Often, the pillow manufacturer will custom make a pillow specifically for that hotel.

What type of pillows do hotels use? It varies by hotelier, but generally speaking, hotels use higher quality pillows designed to provide a memorable sleep experience for their guests. In many cases, guests can purchase the actual pillow itself or a hotel-like pillow.

Use this buying guide to find where to buy a hotel pillow and take that amazing sleep experience home with you. Most hotel chains offer their pillows for sale either via places like Amazon or directly from their own bedding stores.

Hotel pillows are made from a variety of materials including down, feather as well as a mix of hypoallergenic and memory foam options. Hypoallergenic synthetic down pillows are most popular with hotel guests.

Can you take hotel pillows? Sure, you can, but you might be charged for the pillow. Maids will report stolen pillows or towels to the front desk who is almost certainly going to charge your bill. Instead of stealing pillows from hotels, you stay in, use our pillow buying guide and purchase one!

Several high-quality bedding companies have partnered with hotel brands to place their pillows into hotel properties. Unsurprisingly, hotels want their guests to have a great sleep experience and so the pillows in hotels are often high quality and durable and in many cases, can be purchased for use at home.

Sonesta Hotels also offers its feather and down pillow for sale through its Shop Sonesta online store. This pillow is made of half feathers and half down, and its cover is made of 100% cotton. This is a great option for the average sleeper who is looking for support and cushion with a soft exterior cover. Size options include king, queen and standard, and pillow protectors and classic pillowcases are offered for an additional charge.

Rest your head on our Hilton pillows, which provide just the right amount of softness and support that you need to sleep easy. These exclusive Hilton pillows are available in feather & down, down or down alternative. And don't forget to enhance the longevity of your pillow with a pillow protector.

Hotels are commercial entities and a good part of their business is based on making sure you have an excellent night's sleep. It's in their interests to search out the best pillows and the best mattresses for their guests. Fortunately, it's possible to recreate this experience at home now that various popular hotel chains such as the Marriott, the Ritz-Carlton, and the Sheraton all sell their bedding to customers.

We have researched the best hotel pillows you can buy, including machine-washable and allergen-free options, so you can sleep in five-star luxury all the time. Want to further enhance your sleep? Most of these hotel chains also sell soft sheets you can pair with your brand-new pillows. And when you're not at rest, keep your room looking sharp by learning how to make a bed like a hotel housekeeper.

Here, we present 11 different hotel chains that all offer easy access to their bedding. Even better, several of them are also offering discounts on pillows purchases right now, so you can sleep better for even less.

The Ritz-Carlton Pillow, the hotel's signature pillow, is filled with a blend of down, duck feathers, and Lyocell fibers. It's an innovative alternative to traditional down pillows, plus the 100% down-proof cover means it's suitable for those with allergies. You can order the pillow in King, Queen, and Standard sizes.

Ritz-Carlton Shops is based out of the US and ships worldwide, including to the UK. Right now, all of its pillows are on sale for 20% off (opens in new tab). That puts prices as low as $39 (approximately 32).

Marriott offers an astonishing 13 types of pillows for you to buy, though most of them are for decorative purposes. However, we'd posit the Bolster Pillows would serve as a decent neck roll pillow for when you want a little extra elevation whilst reading or watching television.

Marriott also offers a cotton-covered Body Pillow filled with 100% polyester fiber. Many people find these useful during pregnancy, and it's also one of the best pillows for side sleepers looking for a body pillow to help with spinal alignment. Less seriously, large body pillows are also wonderful for those who enjoy watching TV or reading in bed.

The Waldorf Astoria hotel chain offer a carefully chosen selection of just three pillows. The premium feathers and down in the Feather and Down Pillow are sealed in a 100% cotton cover. Exclusive to Waldorf Astoria, this pillow comes in firm and soft versions, both available in King and Queen sizes. Our research suggests the firm choice works well if you sleep on your side or back, while the soft version works well for front sleepers.

The hotel brand also offers a Down Pillow and if you'd prefer to go completely down and feather-free, there is also a synthetic option. The Down Alternative Pillow is filled with lightweight and allergen-free clusters of fiber, wrapped in a soft, cotton-blend pillow casing.

The two pillows available on both sites are the Feather and Down and the Goose Down. The Sofitel-exclusive Feather and Down Pillow is extra soft, covered in cotton and allergen-free. The Sofitel Goose Down Pillow offers something more deluxe, with its 90% goose-down fill, topped up with only 10% feathers. It will set you back a little more than other pillows, but the comfort is worth it if you can afford to splurge.

For us, the best two Westin pillows are the Feather & Down Pillow, and the Fibre Pillow. Westin's Feather & Down Pillow offers cloud-like softness with a blend of 70% feathers and 30% down for firmer support. The antimicrobial treatment also helps those with allergies.

Hilton hotels are classics, one of the first names you think of if asked to name a hotel chain. So you'll be delighted to hear that you can purchase their bedding for yourself from their Hilton To Home storefront. Based in North America, HIlton To Home ships internationally to the UK, as well.

The brand currently sells three pillows. There's a luxe Down Pillow with a 100% cotton cover; a Feather & Down Pillow for balanced plushness and support; and a Down Alternative Pillow with cluster fibres and a hypoallergenic cover. Purchase a separate pillow protector to keep your Hilton pillows fresh for years to come.

The people behind W Hotels (which offer super fashionable stays complete with amazing swimming pools worldwide) have expanded their range to sell three of its popular sleeping pillows, along with a selection of chic decorative pillows that look comfy in their own right.

The Fairmont offers two types of pillows. The Feather & Down is 80% feathers and 20% down and provides firmer support than you may find from other feather/down blend pillows. The pillow has a 240-thread count cotton cover for a super-luxurious feel and comes in King and Queen sizes to fit different bed types. 041b061a72


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