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La Riffa (1991) DVDRip.torrent 1

La riffa (1991) DVDRip.torrent 1

La riffa (The Raffle) is a 1991 Italian comedy-drama film directed by Francesco Laudadio and starring Monica Bellucci, Giulio Scarpati, and Massimo Ghini. The film tells the story of Francesca, a young widow who decides to raffle off a night with her to pay off her debts. The film was released in Italy on October 18, 1991 and received mixed reviews from critics.


The film is available for download as a torrent file with the name "La riffa (1991) DVDRip.torrent 1". This file contains the video file "La.Riffa.1991.DVDRip.x264.AAC.G3M.mkv" which has a size of 1.33 GB and a resolution of 672x400 pixels. The video file has a bitrate of 1978 Kbps and an audio codec of AAC. The torrent file can be downloaded from the website [], which also provides a brief summary of the film and some screenshots.

The torrent file is not verified by any trusted source and may contain viruses or malware. Downloading and sharing the torrent file may violate the intellectual property rights of the film's creators and distributors. Users are advised to exercise caution and discretion when downloading and viewing the film.


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