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Learn from Dr. Shalini: How to Read and Write Books on Mental Health and Social Issues

Dr. Shalini: A Psychiatrist and an Influencer

If you are interested in psychiatry, psychology, or social issues, you might have heard of Dr. Shalini. She is a psychiatrist who is also an influencer. She puts forth atheistic, rational arguments based in science to challenge oppressive notions such as caste, misogynistic practices, and superstitions. She widely speaks of Periyar and his progressive notions of upliftment of the oppressed. She is also a prolific writer who has authored several books on various topics related to mental health, human behavior, and social justice. In this article, we will explore who Dr. Shalini is, what she does, and why she is a popular and respected figure in the field of psychiatry and beyond.


Her background and education

Dr. Shalini was born in India and grew up in a conservative family. She faced many challenges and hardships due to her gender, caste, and economic status. She was not allowed to pursue higher education or choose her own career path. However, she did not give up on her dreams and aspirations. She secretly studied for various entrance exams and managed to secure admission in a medical college. She chose psychiatry as her specialization because she was fascinated by the workings of the human mind and wanted to help people who suffer from mental illnesses.

How she became interested in psychiatry

Dr. Shalini's interest in psychiatry was sparked by her own personal experiences. She suffered from depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts due to the trauma and abuse she faced in her childhood and adolescence. She also witnessed the mental health problems of her family members, friends, and patients. She realized that mental illnesses are very common and often misunderstood and stigmatized by society. She decided to dedicate her life to spreading awareness and providing treatment for mental disorders.

Her qualifications and achievements

Dr. Shalini completed her MBBS degree from Madras Medical College and her MD degree in Psychiatry from Stanley Medical College. She also obtained a Diploma in Psychological Medicine from Madras University. She has over 20 years of experience as a practicing psychiatrist in various hospitals and clinics. She has also been involved in teaching, research, and advocacy activities related to mental health. She has received several awards and honors for her work, such as the Best Doctor Award from the Tamil Nadu Government, the Best Psychiatrist Award from the Indian Medical Association, and the Periyar Award from the Periyar Self-Respect Movement.

Her books and publications

Dr. Shalini is a prolific writer who has authored several books on various topics related to mental health, human behavior, and social justice. Some of her popular books are:

  • Pennin Marupakkam (The Other Side of a Woman): This book explores the psychological aspects of women's lives, such as their emotions, relationships, sexuality, identity, and empowerment.

  • Uyir Mozhi (The Language of Life): This book deals with the biological basis of mental illnesses, such as the role of genes, hormones, neurotransmitters, brain structures, etc.

  • Arthamulla Antharangam (A Meaningful Inner World): This book discusses the importance of developing a healthy and positive inner world, such as self-esteem, self-awareness, self-control, etc.

  • Manachiraiyil Sila Marmangal (Some Mysteries in the Mind): This book reveals some of the intriguing and mysterious phenomena of the human mind, such as dreams, hypnosis, memory, creativity, etc.

  • Konjam Darwin Konjam Dawkins (A Little Darwin A Little Dawkins): This book explains the evolutionary and scientific perspective on various aspects of human nature, such as morality, religion, culture, etc.

All of her books are written in Tamil, which is her mother tongue and the language of millions of people in India and around the world. She writes in a simple and engaging style that appeals to a wide range of readers. She uses anecdotes, examples, and illustrations to make complex concepts easy to understand. She also provides practical tips and suggestions for improving one's mental health and well-being.

The impact and reception of her books

Dr. Shalini's books have been well-received by the readers and critics alike. Her books have sold thousands of copies and have been translated into other languages, such as English, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, etc. Her books have also been reviewed and praised by various newspapers, magazines, and online platforms. Her books have been appreciated for their originality, clarity, relevance, and usefulness. Her books have also been influential in changing the attitudes and behaviors of many people towards mental health and social issues. Many readers have reported that her books have helped them overcome their mental problems, enhance their self-confidence, and achieve their goals.

Her online presence and activities

Dr. Shalini is not only a writer but also an influencer. She has a strong online presence and engages with her followers and fans through various platforms. She has a YouTube channel called Inner Temple, where she uploads videos on various topics related to mental health, psychology, science, and social justice. She also has a Facebook page called Inner Temple - Dr.Shalini's Official Page, where she posts updates on her activities, events, books, etc. She also interacts with her audience through live sessions, comments, messages, etc.

Her YouTube channel and Facebook page

Dr. Shalini's YouTube channel has over 1 million subscribers and her Facebook page has over 500k followers. She uploads videos on a regular basis, covering a wide range of topics that interest her and her viewers. Some of her popular videos are:

  • The Science Behind Caste System: This video explains how the caste system is not based on any scientific or genetic evidence but rather on social and political factors.

  • The Truth About God: This video exposes how the concept of God is a human invention that is used to manipulate and exploit people.

  • The Psychology of Love: This video explores the psychological aspects of love, such as attraction, attachment, compatibility, etc.

  • The Power of Positive Thinking: This video discusses how positive thinking can improve one's mental health and physical health.

  • The Secret of Happiness: This video reveals how happiness is not dependent on external factors but rather on internal factors.

Dr. Shalini's videos are informative, entertaining, and inspiring. She uses humor, sarcasm, and wit to convey her messages. She also uses facts, evidence, and logic to support her arguments. She challenges the myths, misconceptions, and prejudices that are prevalent in society. She encourages her viewers to think critically, question everything, and seek the truth.

Her views and opinions on various issues

Conclusion: Why Dr. Shalini is a popular and respected figure in the field of psychiatry and beyond

Dr. Shalini is a popular and respected figure in the field of psychiatry and beyond because she is a multifaceted and talented person who has made significant contributions to the society. She is a psychiatrist who has helped thousands of people with their mental health problems. She is a writer who has authored several books that educate and inspire people. She is an influencer who has a large online following and engages with them on various topics. She is a rationalist who promotes scientific thinking and challenges irrational beliefs. She is a humanist who cares for the welfare and rights of all living beings. She is a role model who inspires many people, especially women, to pursue their dreams and achieve their potential.

FAQs: Some common questions and answers about Dr. Shalini

Here are some common questions and answers about Dr. Shalini that you might be curious about:

  • Q: Is Dr. Shalini married?

  • A: Yes, Dr. Shalini is married to Dr. Senthil Kumar, who is also a psychiatrist. They have two children, a son and a daughter.

  • Q: Where does Dr. Shalini practice?

  • A: Dr. Shalini practices at Inner Temple Clinic, which is located in Chennai, India.

  • Q: How can I contact Dr. Shalini?

  • A: You can contact Dr. Shalini through her email address, which is You can also follow her on her YouTube channel and Facebook page.

  • Q: Where can I buy Dr. Shalini's books?

  • A: You can buy Dr. Shalini's books from various online platforms, such as Amazon, Flipkart, Panuval, etc.

  • Q: What are some of the other topics that Dr. Shalini talks about?

  • A: Some of the other topics that Dr. Shalini talks about are feminism, sexuality, parenting, education, politics, culture, etc.



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