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Troy Movie Download In Dual Audio WORK

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Troy Movie Download In Dual Audio

Spectral libraries are becoming popular candidates for archiving in PDS. With the increase in the number of individual investigators funded by programs such as NASA's PDART, the PDS Geosciences Node is receiving many requests for support from proposers wishing to archive various forms of laboratory spectra. To accommodate the need for a standardized approach to archiving spectra, the Geosciences Node has designed the PDS Spectral Library Data Dictionary, which contains PDS4 classes and attributes specifically for labeling spectral data, including a classification scheme for samples. The Reflectance Experiment Laboratory (RELAB) at Brown University, which has long been a provider of spectroscopy equipment and services to the science community, has provided expert input into the design of the dictionary. Together the Geosciences Node and RELAB are preparing the whole of the RELAB Spectral Library, consisting of many thousands of spectra collected over the years, to be archived in PDS. An online interface for searching, displaying, and downloading selected spectra is planned, using the Spectral Library metadata recorded in the PDS labels. The data dictionary and online interface will be extended to include spectral libraries submitted by other data providers. The Spectral Library Data Dictionary is now available from PDS at It can be used in PDS4 labels for reflectance spectra as well as for Raman, XRF, XRD, LIBS, and other types of spectra. Ancillary data such as images, chemistry, and abundance data are also supported. To help generate PDS4-compliant labels for spectra, the Geosciences Node provides a label generation program called MakeLabels ( which creates labels from a template, and which can be used for any kind of PDS4 label. For information, contact the Geosciences Node at

The Kepler spacecraft was repurposed for the K2 mission a year after the failure of the second of Kepler's four reaction wheels in 2013 May. The purpose of this document, the K2 Handbook (K2H), is to describe features of K2 operations, performance, data analysis, and archive products which are common to most K2 campaigns, but different in degree or kind from the corresponding features of the Kepler mission.The K2 Handbook is meant to be read with the following companion documents, which are all publicly available:1. Kepler Instrument Handbook (KSCI-19033) provides information about the design, performance and operational constraints of the instrument and an overview of the types of pixel data that are available.2. Kepler Data Processing Handbook (KSCI-19081) describes how pixels downloaded from the spacecraft are converted by the Kepler Data Processing Pipeline into the data products available at the MAST archive3. Kepler Archive Manual (KDMC-100008) describes the format and content of the data products and how to search for them.4. Kepler Data Characteristics Handbook (KSCI-19040) describes recurring non-astrophysical features of the Kepler data due to instrument signatures, spacecraft events or solar activity and explains how these characteristics are handled by the Kepler pipeline.5. The Ecliptic Plane Input Catalog describes the provenance of the positions and Kepler magnitudes used for target management and aperature photometry.6. K2 Data Release Notes (DRN) are on-line documents available on the K2 science website which describe the data inventory, instrumental signatures and events peculiar to individual observing campaigns.

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