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The Best Sites to Watch Iron Sky with English Subtitles in 720p Resolution

Iron Sky: A Sci-Fi Comedy Film with English Subtitles 720p

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Nazis had escaped to the Moon in 1945 and returned to Earth in 2018 with a fleet of flying saucers? If so, you might enjoy watching Iron Sky, a comic-science-fiction action film directed by Timo Vuorensola and written by Johanna Sinisalo and Michael Kalesniko.

Iron Sky English Subtitles 720p

Iron Sky is one of the most expensive Finnish films ever made, and it was partly funded by fans through crowdfunding campaigns. The film features a cast of international actors, such as Julia Dietze, Christopher Kirby, Götz Otto, Udo Kier, Peta Sergeant, and Stephanie Paul. The film also has a soundtrack composed by the Slovenian industrial band Laibach.

What is Iron Sky about?

The plot of Iron Sky revolves around a group of American astronauts who land on the dark side of the Moon in 2018 and discover a secret Nazi base that has been hiding there for decades. The Nazis capture one of the astronauts, James Washington, who happens to be a black male model chosen for publicity reasons by the U.S. President.

The Nazi scientist Doktor Richter examines Washington and obtains his smartphone, which he realizes has more computing power than the 1940s-style computers of the Nazi base. He uses the phone to complete the construction of a giant space battleship called Götterdämmerung, which is ready to launch an invasion on Earth.

Meanwhile, the Nazi commander Klaus Adler plans to mate with Renate Richter, a young Earth specialist and Doktor Richter's daughter, who believes that the Nazis are a peaceful and noble civilization. Adler and Renate travel to Earth in a flying saucer to collect more smartphones and prepare the ground for the attack.

However, things get complicated when they arrive in New York and encounter the U.S. President's campaign manager, Vivian Wagner, who sees an opportunity to use the Nazis for political gain. She convinces Adler to become her new adviser and Renate to become her new stylist. She also turns Washington into an albino using an experimental drug.

As the Nazi armada approaches Earth, Washington escapes and joins forces with Renate, who learns the truth about the Nazi atrocities from a film reel. They try to stop Adler and Wagner from starting a nuclear war that could destroy both worlds.

How to watch Iron Sky with English subtitles 720p?

If you are interested in watching Iron Sky with English subtitles 720p, you have several options to choose from. You can either stream it online from various platforms, such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, or YouTube, or you can download it from torrent sites or other sources.

However, before you watch Iron Sky with English subtitles 720p, you should be aware that some versions of the film may have different cuts or edits depending on the region or distributor. For example, there is a director's cut of the film with 20 additional minutes that was released on DVD and Blu-ray in 2014.

Therefore, if you want to watch Iron Sky with English subtitles 720p in its original form, you should look for the version that matches the theatrical release of 2012. You can also check the IMDb page of Iron Sky for more information about the different versions of the film.

What are the reviews of Iron Sky?

Iron Sky has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. Some praised the film for its originality, humor, satire, and visual effects, while others criticized it for its uneven tone, lowbrow jokes, and political incorrectness.

The film has a rating of 5.9 out of 10 on IMDb, based on over 95,000 user votes. It also has a rating of 37% on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 76 critic reviews. The consensus reads: "Iron Sky is an amusing approach to the sci-fi genre that falls short with a thinly written script and an overly silly tone."

However, the film also has a cult following among fans of sci-fi and comedy films, who appreciate its absurd premise, campy style, and references to other movies and pop culture. The film has also spawned several spin-offs and sequels, such as Iron Sky: The Coming Race, Iron Sky: Invasion, and Iron Sky: The Ark.

What are the themes and messages of Iron Sky?

Iron Sky is a film that explores various themes and messages related to politics, history, culture, and society. Some of the main themes and messages of the film are:

  • The dangers of fascism and totalitarianism. The film shows how the Nazis have maintained their ideology and hierarchy on the Moon, and how they seek to impose their will on Earth. The film also mocks the propaganda and symbols of the Nazi regime.

  • The hypocrisy and corruption of democracy. The film portrays the U.S. President as a vain and incompetent leader who is willing to use any means to win the re-election. The film also satirizes the media and the public opinion that are easily manipulated by sensationalism and lies.

  • The clash and coexistence of cultures. The film depicts the culture shock and misunderstandings that arise when the Nazis encounter the modern world. The film also shows how some characters learn to overcome their prejudices and stereotypes and find common ground with others.

  • The power and limitations of technology. The film illustrates how technology can be used for good or evil purposes, depending on who controls it. The film also highlights how technology can be outdated or obsolete in a fast-changing world.


Iron Sky is a film that offers a unique and entertaining perspective on the sci-fi genre. It combines comedy, action, and satire to create a story that is both absurd and engaging. The film also explores various themes and messages that are relevant to the contemporary world, such as fascism, democracy, culture, and technology.

If you are looking for a film that will make you laugh, think, and wonder, you should watch Iron Sky with English subtitles 720p. You can find it online on various platforms or download it from different sources. However, make sure you watch the original version of the film that matches the theatrical release of 2012.

Iron Sky is a film that you will not forget easily. It is a film that will surprise you, challenge you, and entertain you. It is a film that will take you to the Moon and back. b99f773239


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